Friday, May 2, 2014

Kiwi Savory Pie Crust has a recipe for pie crusts

When they say the butter should be chilled, I think it must mean just about frozen, as they expect you to grate the butter over the flour. Good luck with that if there's any softness at all to the butter.

How in the world do you "cut the butter into the flour with two dinner knives"? Must be some sort of Maori cultural skill.

25 min. @ 395

200 gFlour
125 gButter, chilled
½ tspSalt
⅓ cupWater, iced

(6/13/2014) Yes! Grate the frozen cubes of butter. Turns out very nicely and mixes easily.

Short Crust (for pie base) ratio: 225 g flour to 100 g butter