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Franceshina Sandwiches

Home Recipes Oporto Famous Sandwich - Francesinha Recipe
From gourmetana 2 years ago

Add yours 30 minutes to make Serves 1 In portuguese "Francesinha" means little french girl. It's said this is an invention of a returned emigrant from France. It is a great sandwich and its sauce is a big secret! Nobody really knows the true sauce! Read more 
Sandwich: shopping list
2 slices of white bread shopping list
2 slices of smoked ham shopping list
4 slices of cheese shopping list
1 grilled sausage shopping list
1 fried or roasted slice of beef shopping list
Both the sausage and the beef should be cooked or reheated before assembling the sandwich shopping list
Sauce: shopping list
1 beer shopping list
1 cube of chicken stock shopping list
1 tbsp butter shopping list
2 tbsp concentrated tomato paste shopping list
1/4 cup brandy or Port shopping list
1/4 cup milk shopping list
1 tbsp cornstarch shopping list
chilli flakes to taste
1 bay leaf
Dissolve cornstarch into the milk and add all the ingredients. Blend the liquid mix on a food processor.
Put it into a pan over low heat and add the bay leaves . Stir it until it starts to boil. It's ready - reserve.
Assemble the sandwich and save 2 slices of cheese.
Put the sandwich on a plate and place the 2 slices of cheese on top.
Pour the sauce over the sandwich (should be hot, so the cheese melts).

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